Kennel Tillieville breeding sloughi, a sighthound for you! 

Puppies born September 2019

pictures in the gallery!


C.I.B* DECH ACH CHCH CHLCCH TILLIEVILLE WUKARI, owned by S & I. Mothersill, Zwitzerland e. C.I.B FINCH SECH EECH FW-07 FW-08 FINLCCH Tillieville Xiam Ehz Ow. Nurmi, Finland  u. C.I.B NORDUCH Y'Abeydou Nuri al Baida Br. Hübbenet, Germany

Club-Winner 2011 & 2015 at the Swiss Oriental Show, both times the Price for Best Movements!


NOCH FINCH SECH NOV2018 FAIJINNE NURI AL BAIDA, bred by L. Gros von Hübbenet, Germany e. CHCH DECH INTCH LUCH NKCH VDHCH Ussamal Nuri Al Baida Br/Ow. Hübbenet, Germany u. DELCCH Chanua Nuri Al Baida Br/Ow. Hübbenet, Germany

Both parents PRA free

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