About Us


As a twelve year old I got my first very own dog. She was a Gordon Setter and I showed her a few times. She was mated to a male called Jerv with norwegian blood. We kept a male called Pan. 

As a grown up I could chose the breed my self, and I chose a Pyrenean Mountain Dog.  He was a great personality and Pyrs a lovely familydogs. I soon saw the need for another one, and one more.. Five litters from A-E was born under the kennelname Tillieville, made from the name of my female Tillie and ville, the french word for village. 

Well, how does one get the idea to go into sighthounds after ten years with Pyrenean Mountaindogs. You tell me, curiosity may be? Our first Sloughi came 1993 from Norway.
I phoned the Swedish Kennelclub to ask weather the breed existed in my country at all.
It did not, but there was one in Norway. Sweden had not seen any Sloughi being born in 25 years...

Therefore, an exchange of letters took place with Kennel Arhib in Trondheim. Who, as it happened, had a litter of three recently born; one male, two bitches. Since I had no intention to purchase a puppy, this was of lesser interest, at the time. I just wanted all the information available on the subject Sloughi. Time past with some videotapes and letters, in mars -93 I just could not resist it any longer: We went to get me my first sight hound! Arhib´s Asiir Bintu Hadjib. We call her Zoi; she was not to be the last one…

At present, six litters have been born at our kennel. With much appreciated help from skilful and interested buyers, more people have come to see that a Sloughi is among the best and the most beautiful you may have the opportunity to share your home with.